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BizDevOps: Integration of business and development operations for the economic sustainability of digital businesses

a. Project Description

Software has transitioned from a tool and a business enabler to a product by itself. As such it does not only have a technical manifestation, but it also carries business and economic value for companies. Decisions made with respect to the design, deployment, evolution or quality of the software can affect this business aspect and impact the economic position of the companies, especially smaller ones. In addition, while changes on the technical level are fast and frequent and require a methodology like DevOps to be tackled in a continuous manner with minimum disruption, this is not the case for business operations. The goal of this project is to merge the technical and business aspect of the software product in order to improve the efficiency of decision-making with respect to technical changes (i.e., implementing a new feature, fixing a bug or adapting the software to an external change) while considering their impact on the economic aspect of the software system.

b. Tasks and responsibilities

The hired researcher will be expected to conduct an independent research program relevant to the description above, supervise graduate students working on similar projects, participate in applications for funding and author papers for top-tier journals and conferences including IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE Transaction on Big Data, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, and conferences, such as SEAMS, ACSOS, ICSE, ICPC and others. The position is open for Winter, Summer or Fall 2024.

c. Required skills

The candidate will be asked to demonstrate adequate understanding or expertise in the following topics through relevant courses (on undergraduate or graduate level) or through relevant publications in international conferences or journals. The candidate should consider applying if they have the expert-level skills and at least 50% of the good-level skills.

d. Application process

Upon contacting the professor to inquire for the position, the student is also asked to submit the following documents: