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Exploring the applicability of Generative AI and LLM on Software Architecture

a. Project Description

Generative AI has attracted a lot of attention recently from the research community. Its ability to generate complex solution from similar examples has made it an interesting solution for problems that require a certain degree of creativity. Design processes that are necessary in software architecture require similarly creative solutions. In addition, the problem of translating natural text requirements into design and architecture artifacts is non-linear and in most cases unstructured. In this sense, design processes can also benefit from the use of large language models (LLM), known for their ability to understand and generate natural language. The objective of this project is to explore the ability of LLMs and generative AI to produce functional and performant software architectures given free-text requirement descriptions. The developed models will need to parse these descriptions, extract functional and non-functional requirements and produce architectural and high-level designs, as UML diagrams, following proper design principles and patterns, and architectural styles. Explainability and justifiability are of utmost importance for the produced designs.

b. Tasks and responsibilities

The hired student will work towards the review of relevant technologies and its applications on Software Engineering so far, as well as on the use of current technologies for the generation of software architecture examples. The student will develop the theoretical foundation as well as practical experience on the use of generative AI and LLM tools and methods on Software Engineering. The student will aim to publish in top-tier journals, including IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software, and conferences, such as ICSA, ECSA, ICSE, and others. The student will also be responsible for supervising and mentoring MSc and BSc students working on the project. The position is open for Winter, Summer or Fall 2024.

c. Required Skills

The student will be asked to demonstrate adequate understanding or expertise in the following topics through relevant courses (on undergraduate or graduate level) or through relevant publications in international conferences or journals. The student should consider applying if they have the expert-level skills and at least 50% of the good-level skills.

d. Application process

Upon contacting the professor to inquire for the position, the student is also asked to submit the following documents: